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We know how important quality and savings matters to you! We stand by our pledge to provide you highest quality workmanship at the lowest possible cost.
Estimates are free and we always go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied.

Owned and operated by veterans, we donate a percentage of our profits to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please join us in supporting those who have sacrificed so much!

Solar Power

With tax incentives and power company buy back/rebates you now can quickly begin to recoup your entry costs. What used to take ten years or more to break even on Solar Power has now dropped to just a few years! Duke Energy just introduced a pending $.60 per watt rebate that creates an amazing savings opportunity for Duke Energy customers!

With years of experience in alternative energy we have installed Solar Systems throughout North Carolina. Whether you're interest in a roof or ground mounted system, we can complete your installation in just a few days. We will personally manage all your permitting, utilities commission forms, and legal requirements providing you with a worry free process.

Unlike other Solar installers we publish our prices up front, we do not engage in high pressure sales pitches. We offer a roof or ground mounted solar system for $2.95 per DC watt (wattage of solar panel output). This price may vary slightly on cost and availability of materials and requires a minimum 4Kw system installation.
Standby Generators  
Certified in Generac generators installation, maintenance and repair; we provide North Carolina home owners and businesses the "best in class" for generators!

We offer a complete "turnkey" installation of a 22kW Generac Guardian Home Standby Generator with 200A SE Rated Automatic Transfer Switch for $9,999. This includes the generator, ATS, battery, parts for electrical and gas interconnection with your existing load center and gas service.  Whole home standby generators are required by code to carry the entire load of a residence or business and we have found that the majority of homes and small businesses are properly sized with the Generac 22kW generator.

If you research other contractors you'll find these prices are very competetive. Give us a call today and we will guide you through the many options available and find the one that best fits your emergency backup power needs based on your current setup, power useage and how long you want to keep running through the next brown out!
Energy Analytics  
Energy Analytics means guaranteed savings for you and we are very excited about this new technology! The Energy Analytics process is also how we begin properly sizing a generator or solar power system for our customers. We have partnered with Eyedro to provide the number one rated power monitoring device available on the market.

We can also permanently install the monitoring device in your home or business load center. You'll have an Internet accessible webpage or app on your cell phone to monitor your power use in real time. The costs are $299 for a single phase residential unit and $599 for a 3 phase commercial system with only a $249 installation fee. This device almost always uncovers energy waste from devices that are using power you were not even aware of as well as devices that are using far more power than what they say they are rated for.  No matter what your monthly power bill is, its a sure thing we can lower your electric bill.

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